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When I started paying more attention to the environment, I realized that it might be smart to see about enrolling in my city's recycling program. It seemed a little overwhelming, but I knew that I would be able to get the hang of it and make a big difference. I called the city, and sure enough, there was a recycling program that would fit my budget. This blog is all about taking recycling seriously, and how to take your first initial steps towards becoming more green. You never know, after trying it for a few weeks, it might become a normal part of your everyday life.

3 Frac Tank Rental Tips For Your Oilfield Storage Requirements

There are many reasons why companies rent frac tanks. However, frac tanks are primarily best for storage purposes, especially of oil, water, and chemical solutions. You'll find them in industrial as well as residential and commercial setups. If you are planning to use them in supporting your oilfield operations, consider frac tank rentals.

However, renting frac tanks isn't as straightforward as you may think. These three tips may be helpful in your decision-making process:

Ask for the Right Sizes

If you've made up your mind concerning frac tank rentals, the first thing you want to look into is the frac tank sizes. Choose a frac tank based on the area size you intend to locate the unit. Besides, determine whether it has the capacity that's required.

There are numerous frac tank rental companies with different inventory sizes. Choose a rental company with a wide selection of frac tank types you can choose from to find one that matches your specific requirements. Evaluate your options and make an excellent selection when renting your frac tank.

Determine the Logistical Requirements

Frac tanks are massive and require special towing equipment to be moved to different sites. Luckily, most firms offering frac tank rentals provide delivery services as well. They ensure the safe delivery of your rented frac tank to your location of choice. However, it's imperative to make pick-up and set-up arrangements in advance.

By working with a rental service, you will be assured that the delivery process goes smoothly without you worrying about transporting this massive tank to your site. Also, inquire whether the rental company will charge you any extra fee for the unit's transportation or if it's covered in the rental cost. Ask whether there are any fines imposed on violating the rental agreement timeframe.

Examine the Rented Frac Tank Carefully

It's vital to examine the frac tank you've rented before using it because of various reasons. First, you want to ensure that the unit you rented is the same as the one delivered onsite. That means it must have the exact specifications you chose, from the size and type to the model. You might also want to assess it for other blemishes, including cracked, rusted, and any other questionable defects.

If you happen to find anything that raises eyebrows, call the rental service immediately and notify them of the problem. Failure to do so may implicate you as responsible for the damages on the frac tank, which you'll be required to pay for in the end.