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When I started paying more attention to the environment, I realized that it might be smart to see about enrolling in my city's recycling program. It seemed a little overwhelming, but I knew that I would be able to get the hang of it and make a big difference. I called the city, and sure enough, there was a recycling program that would fit my budget. This blog is all about taking recycling seriously, and how to take your first initial steps towards becoming more green. You never know, after trying it for a few weeks, it might become a normal part of your everyday life.

3 Options For Disposing Of Remodeling Waste

When tackling a large scale remodeling project, you have to decide what to do with the waste. There are many options available, including using a dumpster rental. To help you decide which is best for you, here are some of your options and the advantages and disadvantages of using each. 

Dumpster Rental

If you opt for the dumpster rental, a portable container is dropped off at the site by a company and left there until you an agreed upon date. It is one of the easiest methods of disposing of waste. There are containers available in a range of sizes, so regardless of the size of your job, there should be a container to fit the job. With a dumpster rental, materials that are typically difficult to dispose of are conveniently carted away for you. 

On the flip side, the dumpster could require a permit if you plan to park it on the street. If you do plan to park it in your yard, you have to worry about the possible damage it could do to your landscape. To avoid this damage, it is important that you clear away a spot before it is dropped off. 

Do-It-Yourself Hauling 

Hauling the waste away from the site yourself is always an option. If you choose to do this, you can save significantly on disposal. The only expenses you would face would be related to taking the waste to a transfer station. 

Doing it yourself can be time-consuming. Not only do you have to spend time loading the waste to a truck, but you also have to take it to the station. Depending on the station you choose, you might have to take time to sort your waste according to type before it is accepted. 

Hauling Company

If you are pressed for time and do not have time to sort the waste or ensure that it is neatly fitted into a dumpster, a hauling company might be best for you. With the company, you can toss the waste near the curb of your home and pros will come and pick it up. You do not have to worry about the dumpster on your property. 

Although this might seem like a good option, there is a downside. Your curb and yard could be cluttered with waste for several days until the hauling company shows up to collect it. You can ask for more frequent pickup, but you could face additional charges. 

Before making a decision, take some time to carefully assess the pros and cons of each waste removal option.