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Taking Recycling Seriously

When I started paying more attention to the environment, I realized that it might be smart to see about enrolling in my city's recycling program. It seemed a little overwhelming, but I knew that I would be able to get the hang of it and make a big difference. I called the city, and sure enough, there was a recycling program that would fit my budget. This blog is all about taking recycling seriously, and how to take your first initial steps towards becoming more green. You never know, after trying it for a few weeks, it might become a normal part of your everyday life.

Ways to Recycle Your Old Gaming Consoles

If you have several old gaming consoles that you know you'll never use again, you shouldn't just toss them in the garbage. Recycling is good for the environment, and some states, such as NY, require certain types of electronics to be recycled. Here are some ways to recycle your gaming consoles (you can even make money, too):

Sell to Collectors

Old-school game consoles, such as Ataris, Nintendos, and Segas, are worth money to collectors. Collectors will often post ads online asking for gaming consoles. They will pay you for the console and will often pay more for working machines. You can get top money for these because they are used as collectibles.

Take Back Programs

Many manufacturers offer take-back programs. These programs exist because of locations and states that require recycling. They make it easy for consumers to recycle gaming consoles without getting in trouble with the law. Companies like Nintendo will take back old consoles free of charge. You don't even pay shipping. The company then recycles the parts for you.


Many stores that sell video games and consoles will let you trade in your old system for a new one. This doesn't usually work for really old systems, but it does for the last generation. For example, as of 2015, you can trade in a PlayStation 3 for a PlayStation 4. The store will then resell the console you gave them or use the parts. You receive a certain amount of money for the console, and that money goes towards the purchase of the new system, which saves you money in the end.

Sell Consoles Online

Collectors will often give you the most money for good-quality products, but you can also sell broken and useless electronics online for smaller amounts of money. There are many online sites that will buy your old consoles. You provide information on the console, such as how well it works, and you receive a quote. Pack it up, ship it for free, and make some money.


Want to help people in need or local schools? Donate working gaming consoles to organizations and schools. Some schools use video games to teach children but can't afford the consoles. Some children don't even receive clothes for Christmas, so an old system will make them very happy. Search for local organizations and schools that will happily take your old gaming consoles. Sometimes, organizations will run drives just for this purpose.

Your old gaming consoles can make you money and make others happy. Don't just toss them away. For more information about electronic recycling, speak to a representative from a local recycling center.